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Query Critiques ($50 for three passes)

Writing query letters is harder than you might think! I’ll work with you to sharpen your pitch and take a query letter from rough draft to agent-ready!

Synopsis Critiques ($80 for three passes)

The dreaded synopsis—it’s not a necessity for every publishing situation, but it’s a good thing to have in case an agent or editor requests it. I’ll help you get your synopsis into shape so it’s comprehensible but also gripping.

Submission Package ($200)

When you’re nearly ready to query, send me your submissions materials and I’ll help you get them scrubbed and polished for agents’ eyes! This includes the query critique, the synopsis critique, and up to three opening chapters of your manuscript.

*NEW SERVICE* Revision plan ($75)

If you get overwhelmed trying to make a plan to revise your novel, this is the package for you! You send me information about what kinds of revision you’re tackling, as well as your time frame, and I help you make a step-by-step organized process for your revision with weekly check-ins from me so you can stay on track.

Reader Report ($0.007 a word)

Similar to a beta read—if you’re looking for an editorial letter addressing big picture problems such as structure, pacing, character development, emotional arcs, or plot, this will cover all of them! I’ll also highlight the parts of the manuscript I thought were the strongest. This does not have to be a polished manuscript! I’m happy to look at works-in-progress, no matter how rough they are.

Line Edits ($0.009 a word)

This is the package for once you’ve ironed out your big picture revisions and are ready to go through the prose with a fine-toothed comb. You’ll get in-text comments from me regarding sentences I think could be tighter, word choice, inconsistencies in the voice, and, of course, spots where I think the prose is shining and wonderful. If I see anything big picture that still needs attention, I’ll mention it as well.

Revise and Resubmit ($0.011 a word)

A combination of the two above! Send me your manuscript and I’ll read for big picture problems. Once you’ve revised, send it back to me for line edits. I’d love if I get the second read within a year of receiving your edit letter, but we can work it out if you need more time.

Other add-ons available include Skype/phone calls, brainstorming help, and AMA emails (you can ask about publishing, submission processes, writing habits, etc.). Contact for prices.

*All manuscript critiques are available for a rush job upgrade—add 20% to the original price*


I am an internationally published author with six books under contract. My work has garnished starred reviews, literary awards, and features on year-end “Best Books” and state reading lists. Before publication, I worked as a remote intern for a major literary agent and currently read upwards of one hundred books a year. I have also taught piano lessons on and off for more than fifteen years, which means I am good at explaining principles until you understand them.

I specialize in seeing interesting or unusual ways to structure your novel, solutions for arcs and plot problems that are off the beaten path, and taking a formulaic story out of what I call “beat sheet mode.” I’m a language nerd and love doing line edits—it feels like dessert after ironing out all the big picture problems!

I am an encouraging editor, and I will always cheerlead for you, but I am demanding and will give you high expectations for your work—I want to help you write the story you set out to write. I can give insight into industry standards and the current market, but I will help you think beyond publishing trends so you can write the book YOUR way.